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Our Jeep Auto Mechanics have years of experience working on all models of Jeeps.

We understand the subtle differences between a Jeep and a plain ol' SUV. Our Jeep Service Department has the newest technology and equipment for Jeep repair. Our auto mechanics are experts at preventative maintenance to save you future repair bills. We get the job done right the first time! We all know it's a Jeep thing.
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Our Jeep Services include, but are not limited to:
All auto Repair Services and Mechanic Repair Automotive Engine Repair / Replacement Clutch Repairs or Replacement Suspension and Steering Service Power Steering Exhaust System Transmission Service, Repair or Replacement • Cooling System Service (Water Pumps, Radiators, etc.) Air Intake Cleaning & Filter Changing • Differential & Transfer Case Service for 4WD Belt, Hoses and Wiper-blade Replacement • Timing Belt or Chain Replacement Electrical, Wiring and Electronics Diagnostics •  Check Battery Amperage and Battery Replacement Anti-Lock Brake Service Dashboard warning light indicators (Check Engine Light, Air Bag Light, etc.) Interior Lighting Replacement Head lamp and tail lights replaced Regular Maintenance (Tune-Ups, Air Filters, Fuel Filters, Oil Change / Lube Service Factory Scheduled Interval Maintenance Fuel Injection Cleaning & Service Preventive Maintenance Fluid Flushes • Heating & Air Conditioning Service Wheels and Tires • Tire Repairs or Replacement Wheel Balancing & Alignments • Tire Sales
For the off the beaten path Jeep Enthusiasts:
We know the importance of performance in off-road conditions, offer some suggestions on tricking out your Jeep, and how to prevent leaking all your oil on a high mountain trail.
SEND us a photo off-roading with your Jeep and we'll post it here and on FaceBook if you like! Email
Trick out your Jeep for Off-Roading. Our auto mechanics know what you need and check out our special coupons.
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Checklist for Off-Roading

Preventable repairs- what you need to know before you venture off-road with your Jeep
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